Possessing Spirit of Emotion


Sha-Ju are disembodied undead/spirits that have aligned themselves to one of the greater Sha. Usually they choose an alignment that reflects the manner in which they died.

Sha-Ju of Anger

A person leaves themselves vulnerable to a Sha-Ju when they display particularly strong emotion. They may not realise they are being ‘ridden’ until it is too late. The longer someone is possessed the more obvious it will become, within weeks most Sha-Ju are discovered. If they remain hidden the process may take anything up to a couple of months. The Sha-Ju will attempt to consume the person’s life force whilst attempting to spread the emotion it is associated with.
Sha-Ju of Anger may seek to irritate or cause conflict, Sha-Ju of Sorrow may seek to plant seeds of doubt and despair, or worse, resort to murder and sabotage.
Friends and relations may notice a change in personality or demeanor, the light of the full moon will also reveal a shadowy shape on their back.

Sha-Ju of Sorrow

A person being ridden by a Sha-Ju can rid themselves of the presence, attempting to shake off the possessing spirit. They, or others on their behalf are drawn into The Dream to fight the spirit directly, in its true form. If they fail at killing the spirit or it’s ‘saddle’ dies it may escape, only to possess another, even an animal in its efforts to avoid its fate. Sha-Ju will often make an attempt to kill it’s ‘saddle’ if it feels cornered.

Sha-Ju riding a dog

A cleric at any temple can perform the ritual to draw champions into The Dream, and while most will do so willingly they may rightfully ask for a donation or boon in return.



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