Welcome to Hotaru


A small province, Hotaru is famous for its unusual landscape. Following the War of The Third Age the Matsuko peoples were exiled to the area as a cruel joke following disastrous peace talks. Their resilience however meant they were not defeated by the challenges of living in such a mountainous landscape and instead turned to ancient stone working techniques to bring out its natural beauty. Now, nearly three centuries on it is known as the Land of Bridges and it is famed for the quality of its building stone and the skill and delicacy displayed by the provinces many artisan sculptors.


Settlements are small, communities relatively insular. Villages can span over deep chasms or sprawl down steep mountainous slopes. It is said that Matsuko children can climb before they can run and the near supernatural agility of the mountain folk has given rise to small suspicions and folktales outside the province of huge hoards of gold, treasure hoarded during the years of the war hidden in the dark recesses of the mountain that only the Matsuko know.

Mysteries of the Sha