Sentient Spirits of Elemental Powers


Elementals are a common sight throughout Kamakaya. In Hotaru Earth Elementals are very common, making their homes in the deep clefts and high peaks of the mountains. Air elementals are also common, owing to the fierce winds that blow through the valleys and chasms of the mountains.


Elementals vary in size depending on their environment and age. Rarely they will band together to protect something they deem precious, though what that may be might seem alien and incomprehensible to mortal beings. Such as the note the wind makes as it whistles through a tunnel or a particular crystal in a cavern.


While most elementals are hostile to mortals, and are a common source of trouble for travelers some small, immature elementals might be persuaded to move into a settlement if something of value can be established. They will sometimes provide heat or water to a temple for example, in exchange for a permanent fuel source, or access to a waterfall. It is almost always a bad idea.



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