The Reikai is the realm of spirits and dreams.
In a world where spirits of all alignments are manifest on the material plane it is not unusual for tales of travelers from Reikai entering and leaving.

It is said that both time and distance are illusory in Reikai, and that when a mortal dies their spirit travels there in order to await it’s next incarnation. Thus it is possible to meet what remains of mortals there before they have moved on if one is willing to brave the perils of travelling in such a bizarre and alien environment.

In Reikai the world is reflected and warped. Elements of a familiar landscape are intermingled with strange formations and oddly placed structures. Some clerics theorize that when a mortal enters Reikai the landscape acts as a mirror and reflects the thoughts and memories of the intruder.


It is necessary to enter Reikai to rid a mortal of a parasite Sha-Ju, clerics at any temple can perform the ritual that will allow access. While in Reikai mortals will remain in place, sending an astral projection of themselves into the spirit realm. They manifest all items and equipment, and while it will not deplete stocks in the material world any damage sustained in Reikai will transfer to their mortal body. If a person dies in Reikai their mortal body will suffer fatal damage, similar to a heart attack. It may be possible for a cleric keeping watch over the travelers to stabilize and revive them, though such action may result in significant obligation to that temple. It is not a journey one should undertake lightly.

It is theorized that spells of teleportation utilize Reikai as a ‘space between’. As the concept of distance is meaningless in the spirit realm.


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